New bike day is like Christmas for every rider. We are giddy, excited, and stoked to get out on the trails with our new steed… but there is also a part of us that is nervous about the first ride. Nervous that some of our favorite features on the trails might jump up and scratch, crack, or dent our new bike. Well, good news! There is a way to keep the new bike stoke alive with no worries about shredding the trails.

Uplnd Stoke, born and produced in Golden, Colorado is providing premium protection for all mountain bikes!

Universal kits and bike specific kits are available in multi layer durable protection. Hijinx kits provide coverage for any mountain bike.  Shenanigans kits extend the stoke shield to your handlebars, forks, and crank arms. So, whats in the kit?

Kits are available in transparent gloss or matte, graphic, or color full options. This unique rider created design perfectly forms around tubing and bends of your frame.

I have tried other protection wraps for my bikes but they are always frustrating to apply and never end up looking any good. Uplnd stoke has an easy peel and stick application and the kit comes with a squeegee for a perfect finish.

Uplnd stoke’s semi rigid shell makes for flexible application and a protective shell on the outside.

Uplnd Stoke was formed by avid mountain bikers who know first hand that damage to our bicycles kills the stoke of the sport.

Its the beginning of a new season, and there is no better time to protect your bike than now. Riders, take note and pick up a kit at – Protect your bike, protect the stoke.


Uplnd Stoke

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