Okay, so the thing about my Dad is, he ended up having have three daughters with my mom. Meaning he lived with four women for the past 25 years.

He helped us learn and grow everyday, but I know we challenged him to learn and grow too. He embraced being the man of the family by learning to braid hair, staple ballet outfits, calm nightmares, buy tampons, mend heartbreaks, sit in the ER, and you can only imagine what else.

There were a few things he knew before being a dad…

Like how to have fun getting air, and working hard for expensive toys… luckily I inherited this knowledge 😉

Doug’s plane Blue Whiskey


The beginning of the Beerchase

















The thing about my dad is he will never let anything stop him from living his life. His shear passion for living is truly inspiring.

Lands on his face mountain biking… gets back up and rides the next day!

Sign tells him not to hike the whole Grand Canyon in one day… does it anyway

There is still snow on the ground… he goes canoeing

Everyday people can’t go to space… he damn well tried!

Throughout my whole life, he has inspired me to live my life to the fullest and not to let other people or obstacles hold me back. My dad is the strongest, fit, healthy, fun, truly caring man I have ever known, but obstacles come for us all. About 7 years ago he was diagnosed with stage IV non-hodgkins lymphoma. I knew this was going to be the hardest challenge he would face personally, physically, and mentally. I’ll save the dramatic details here but let me tell you… my dad did not let that cancer change his life. Throughout his chemotherapy and remission he fought to do what he loved and continued to…

Cross country ski

Ride his bike

Play guitar

Go fishing

And climb mountains… literally. In 2013 my dad summited the biggest mountain in the world Mount Kilimanjaro.

So, here is the thing about my dad. He is obviously a badass who can conquer the world, but there is a special side of him that really makes him my hero. He is truly compassionate for the people in his life. For me, he is the man who taught me the importance of helping others, how to treat people, and treat myself.

He is the man who will…

Race with me so I don’t have to race alone

Climb mountains with me in a blizzard

Send me off to Prom

Teach me to weed wack

Play music with me

Teach others to fight!

Dance when “no one is watching”

Love my mom endlessly every day

Be a leader for many

And maintain and cherish old friendships and new

My dad is my inspiration, motivation, shoulder to cry on, teacher, coach, hero, and my best friend.

I hope I can continue to live my life in his footsteps and am so proud to call him my Dad.

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