As we began our journey across the country we were already on a schedule. The plan was to leave the morning of Sunday May 7th, of course we left at about 4:30pm. We wanted to be in Whitefish Montana on Monday night so we could spend Wednesday with our friends Amber Young and Kyle Mclean. So between 4:30 pm Sunday and 2:15 am Tuesday morning we drove from Houghton Michigan to Whitefish Montana, totaling 1375 miles and at least 24 hours of driving time.

Road to Whitefish

It was a haul but was entirely worth it once we saw what was in store for us at Glacier National park and the Spencer trail network (we were getting the itch for mtb after being on the road for 2 days). We were able to get two rides in while we were there, all thanks to our great guides Amber and Kyle!

Atop Lookout Trail

Lake McDonald

After our Wednesday morning ride we set off for Port Angeles, the venue for Emily’s first race. We managed to get into town around 1:00 am Thursday morning. We would highly reccomend the drive between Whitefish and Washington via US 2, it was absolutely stunning!!!

Lookout Pass Idaho

We are excited for the next leg of our journey and wholeheartedly thankful that our travels thus far have been safe and as pain free as possible. Super stoked that our home for the next few months will be in our van traveling up and down the beautiful Pacific North West.

Columbia River Gorge

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