As the fall days grow crisper and shorter, I find it easy to day dream about the sunny ride days of summer. Well, we are in luck because there are two amazing ladies making that dream come true! I was able to escape back to summer with Roam Retreats this last weekend in Moab, UT and so can you!

Ash Bocast and Andi Zolton: Roam Events

Roam Retreats creates an incredible atmosphere for ladies to come together and just RIDE! Everything else is taken care of by the proficient staff; Food, camping gear, drinks AND a fleet of phenomenal Specialized Stumpjumpers to demo for the weekend.

Lady Train down Alaska – Klondike trails

Rides were lead by local Rim Tours lady shredders, who share the ins and outs of this mysterious geological playground. Sometimes you may even get a biology lesson on the landscape or see dinosaur tracks!

Mag 7 trail ride

Moab is special. Tucked between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Moab’s stunning red rocks, arches, and rivers will have you swerving on your bicycle just trying to take it all in.

Not a bad lunch view

Photo by Clare

Good thing you have colored dots to guide you as you gaze over the vistas. Plus, follow the dots and you’ll reach the ultimate prize…

Moab magic

Nancy (The Roam Bus) and Ash will have a smorgasbord of food. Guaranteed the best trail food you’ve ever had.

Lunch curtesy of Nancy, the Roam Bus

Roam Feast: Photo by Clare

Roam is truly one of the most inclusive environments I have experienced. Whether you have been riding your life or it is your first day on a mountain bike, literally!

A huge smile after her first mountain bike ride!

Kaela took a leap and attended her first mountain bike event, and rode a mountain bike for the first time here in Moab!

“Going into an environment having much less bike experience than everyone else could have been very intimidating, but not once during this weekend did I feel out of place. Ash and Andi did an incredible job creating a rad space for ladies to come together and ride. All while enjoying the natural beauty on the desert with some kick ass women.” – Kaela

Desert sunset – Photo by Clare

After a exhilarating day of riding, we were always fortunate to watch the sun set over the landscape, sing around the campfire, and sleep under the stars.

Oh yeah!!! and there was endless lady shred.

Klondike Trails overlooking Arches National Park

Mag 7 trails

Shuttle Laps courtesy of Nancy



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