Have you ever come up with an idea and a couple really awesome friends jumped in to make it happen? Well that is how I now have this stellar logo!

When I first started developing my website with the great help of Matt Abbotts, he mentioned you should probably make yourself a sweet logo. I know nothing about Photoshop or any kind of software to produce a cool logo, so I knew I was going to need some help with this.

This is where my awesome creative friends stepped up. First I needed a good picture to make the silhouette, and pretty quickly so we can get this moving. Eric Isaacs is a great friend of many talents. One just happens to be photography so I was in luck.


Original Photo for Logo, Photo Credit : Eric Isaacs

I knew exactly who to ask about Photoshop, and that was John Arnold. I met John in a college class and I quickly realized we got along very well, and understood each other. With similar interests but very different talents we make a pretty good team (or at least I like to think so). So I sent him the awesome photo Eric captured and my idea, and the now the wheels were turning.


Silhouette Created from Photo

I could not have made this happen without the help of my friends and I am very lucky to have had their creative minds, and help! So huge Credit and Thanks to Matt Abbotts, Eric Isaacs, and John Arnold.

opp_final_clean (1)

Final Sweet Logo!

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