In a far away land, lies a heaven fit for mountain biking gods, where the mountains rise from the sea and trails flow from the ridges. From sea to sky, adventures are infinite for riders, hikers and climbers. These settings foster a haven for the raddest, chillest and most badass people to come together and enjoy Mother Earth in the way they see fit. The forests, waterfalls and Mountains of Squamish British Columbia caught the eyes and lusts of six mountain bikers and these trails do not disappoint.

Sea to Sky

In November Michelle, Emily, and Rachel gathered for Michelle’s birthday in Chicago. Motivated by some drinks, a dream emerged to head on an adventure to the Northwest coast. Now the question was, who to bring along. Michelle really did most of the planning for the rest of the trip (HUGE THANKS TO HER) and gathered a magnificent group of shredders to make our dream a reality.

CREW: Michelle, Rachel, Luke (Biking Viking), Riki, Emily and Brennan

In the hills right outside of Squamish, Half Nelson, Full Nelson and Angry Midget paint the woods with their flow and gnarly lines. Riding these trails in such a landscape is truly a gift from the great trailbuilders who came before. The sun rained down upon us on our first day making us truly appreciate the world around us and the company we enjoyed. Three laps later we were all ready for a beer, shower and of course… arm wrestling.

Baber defeats Dykstra in 3 rounds!

The blue skies of the Pacific Northwest are coveted and rare… they did not last long. Through the fog and rain, Alice Lake Trails provided a mystical ride with classic North Shore steep rock rolls, wooden features, and plenty of gnar.

Top of Alice Lake

Rad Rubert

Too busy shredding for photos (this is not us, but shows the trails!)

After a couple days of pedaling it was time to ride some lifts… and where else would you go other than Whistler… BUT first… BACON. In honor of Rachel Baber’s Birthday everything was to be wrapped in bacon. Loaded with bacon and stoke, it was time to hit some park laps!

Stoke meters rising!

Happiest Birthday Girl EVER!

Michelle has an unexpected encounter with a tree


BUT continues to shred it

After a successful day at Whistler arms were pumped, fingers shaking and legs burning. It was time to go back to Squamish and work on our beer tower.

Successful Day

Progression of the Tower

The next morning was a rough start. With constant drizzling rain and bodies aching it was too easy to back out of our commitment to riding this day. Then Riki and Rachel reminded us of why the mountain bike gods sent us this heaven and that was to shred it every day! So Riki, Rachel, Luke, and Emily came together to take on another day of epic pedaling.

Top of the climb beers for Team Shred

With piles of chicken wings on our minds, we sent it to the bottom to receive our feast at The Shady Tree bar.


Friday was our last day with the crew, and it was going to spent on the Sunshine coast where the trails are perfectly manicured, and the jumps sweep you into the sky with the greatest of ease. Coast Gravity Park will make any rider feel like a god.

This day made for an unbelievable end to our trip in mountain bike heaven. Laughs, beers, riding with new friends and a behind the scenes look at the Coast Gravity backwoods.

After ride beers in the backwoods

Michelle, Curtis, Emily

Cutest Shuttle Dog EVER

Curtis and Dylan, the men behind the scenes of Coast Gravity Park have made a very special place in this heaven. Spending half the day digging, and the other half riding these guys are passionate about putting in the hard work and providing incredibly unique trails and features. The dirt is perfectly manicured, the jumps flow smoothly and the views are amazing. They use the history of the land to create a unique trail system with old logging tools, boats, pipes, storage containers and trucks built right into the trail as features.








Absolute Perfection

We spent our last moments in this mountain bike heaven sitting on the Slopestyle features of Coast Gravity Park looking over the perfect jump lines and drinking beer with its creators. We could not have asked for a better way to end the trip or a better crew to be with!

Goodbye Heaven


OH WAIT…. just in case you wanted an update on the beer tower!

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