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Embracing Vanlife

Life takes us on crazy paths and learning to embrace different opportunities drives us to explore and appreciate new adventures! This year I invested in a 2004 Ford Econoline E350 Van, to convert and live out of after graduating college with an engineering degree.

The plan is to travel North America, participating in Professional Downhill and Enduro races. I also will be coaching clinics with Liv Ladies AllRide and Grit Clinics along the way.

My partner in crime: Brennan Wade

Brennan is a Mechanical Engineer and passionate traveler. This guy decided to take his life on the road and join his crazy girlfriend in her endeavor in the van. Thanks to him, I am lucky enough to have someone to travel with and share these incredible experiences, making me smile and laugh along the way.

As we began planning out the beginning of our adventure, preventative maintenance was must prior to our journey traveling thousands of miles across the country.

Friends with garages

We have to throw a huge thank you out to a few people that were an enormous help in this process:

  • Erik Gulik
  • Eliot Nagler
  • Doug Oppliger
  • Shawn Oppliger
  • Tom Tomaski
  • Tom Kirkpatrick
  • Robert Wilber
  • Christine Young
  • Mike Young
  • Chuck Wright
  • Andy Heikkinen
  • Josh Neece
  • Steven Walter
  • Keweenaw Brewing Company

All of these people helped get the van to where it is today, THANK YOU!!

A special thank you must be given to our amazing friend Erik Gulick. He gave a great deal of time, effort and resources to make our trip a reality. We cannot express our gratitude enough to this guy! He did all of the upgrades to our trailer, fitting 6 bikes, 8 totes and whatever else we threw at him into a 5X8 enclosed trailer. Erik never hesitated to help us with anything we needed and even some things we didn’t (light bar). We are extremely lucky to have someone like Erik in our lives.

Our trip will be full of different experiences, emotions, people, places and adventures.  We hope to bring all of our friends and family with us via this blog.

Our Goals:

  • Be happy
  • Have fun
  • Ride bikes
  • Take rad pictures
  • See new places
  • Appreciate the word around us

Check back for updates!!!

-Emily and Brennan (Bremily Wadiger)

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